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[Release] Beer Run Beer Run ============== Creator: SVR-Overkill Creator email: michaelsleister@msn.com Creator URL: http://www.svreloaded.com Version: coduo 1.4 & 1.5 Released: 02/10/10 ============== Game: CoDuo Supported Gametypes: dm tdm hq bel ctf Tested on: Basic coduo server Medium map 12-40 players **nice Bridge & town map with more to be added later** ============== Description: Original design by SVR-Overkill(www.svreloaded.com) for CoDuo - never released - updated coming later Bridge & town, out and in door setting, with back ways jeeps drivable, ============== Updates none to date needed ============== Instructions: upload zip file to your server and rediredts coduo folder ,unzip in this location. Place map name in rotation. restart server and have fun ----------------------------------------------- SPECIAL THANKS ----------------------------------------------- Enjoy the map more sweet maps to come.

by Overkill (email)


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