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New BF2 Mod
BF2 General


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Cloud Citi
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This is a Quick Fix for the Previously released Beta 2.0 Version.




1. Freed up 25 Entities, all Spawnpoints, due to Errors in Version 2.0 of "G SPAWN: No Free Entities".

2. Fixed Player Dying while using AC130 Gunship using Extreme Mod.

3. Printed Loadscreen with "BETA 3".

4. What is a Beta if you can't even play it??

Please view the Readme for a Full Description of the maps Features.




I've decided to go in a different direction with a new map idea and make it mainly Team Based. Like a Base Assault Map. Meaning each team has their own Base in which they must protect depending on which gametype you're running.

What makes this map unique is there are two sections to it, a ground section and an air section.

Each Base supports 4 Elevators each numbered 1-4, that run from the Ground Up to the Clouds through a glass Tube.

Each Base also supports Team Doors, meaning only Allies can use Allied Doors and only Axis can use Axis doors. This helps the Team Protect their own Base from intruders. Allied Doors use a symbol on the door while the Axis use another to help players distinguish who's door it belongs to.

Each Base also supports an array of MG's that overlook key points in the map. Some of the MG nests can be Destroyed. MG Turrets added include, MG42, SAW, RPD, 50cal and MiniGun.

The twist here is this: The Bases can be breached using explosives in key areas of the exterior or interior walls, providing an entrance point for the enemy to move in. These walls are marked with popup HINTS. Allies can only see HINTS at Axis Base and vice-versa. Teams cannot destroy their own walls.

While each main Base on the ground is heavily fortified with MG Nests, each team also has a Pillbox located on the outer rim of their Main Base that has two MG's and cannot be destroyed. These Pillbox entrances are protected by Team Doors.

There are ammo Pickups located around the map, in Bases. Each team has multiple Clip Ammo only pickups and Explosives Ammo only pickups, RPG & GL only. I added this because the teams needs to destroy the Enemies base in order to gain access to it.

In the center of the map is another building that is split down the middle and each Team has access to their half. They cannot cross over to the other Teams half. In this building are Teleports, which take you to different parts of the map, depending on what HINT is defined at the Teleport entrance. The Allies have Blue and Green Teleports while the Axis use Yellow and Red. Each Team has one enemy Teleport on their side. If your mod turns off Hints, you might want to think about turning them on for just this map. It can really help the players figure out how to play the map correctly.

Players can take the Elevators or the Teleports up to the City in the Clouds.

The Teleports will take you to the Center of the City, the (Science Center) while the Elevators will take you to that Teams main Base. From here there are 4 Transports a player can use to move around from one side to the other that funnel through glass tubes, just like the elevators. Only one Gametype Spawns in the Cloud City (SD).

The Science Center has two rooms each with 4 teleports for respected teams and the rooms are protected by Team Doors.

You will notice that each team has 3 domes, which are a branch of their base. These Domes can be accessed by two ways, the Teleports, or a ladder/tunnels system that branches off from the Base's that house the Elevators. On the outskirts of the domes each Team owns 2 Convoys. These convoys are equipped with 1 Minigun Turret, while the other convoy has a 50cal MG. You can start the engine and hover over the City and do your business.


by DeekCiti Environments


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