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Citi Suburbs
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In late 2008 a Beta map called mp_suburbs was underway. This map was going to attempt to break most of the common MP map sizes. The map over time has developed into something quite large. Now called "Citi Suburbs" (mp_citi_suburbs), it is now coming into the final stages of development.

The map as a whole consists of a Suburban Environment. One long Street, with 10 Houses on one side and 8 on the other along with a Cemetery at the end of the block. 12 of these Houses are accessible. The whole concept of the map was to get players to try and fight their way to the other side of the street. Which is why the Sewer System was developed. Certain houses have access to this sewer system through their basements. You may notice a pattern, that, the houses with Chimney Smoke, all have underground Access. This is a way for players to identify a target house from a distance.

All houses have been marked with an Address, both on the front of the house and in the Sewer System, to help players find their way. The minimap also helps with the Address marked on the roof of the house, to help team games become more team based. The Houses that are Underground Accessible, have address numbers in Yellow, and the ones that are not are in White. The minimap also shows the maps boundaries in Red, and the Underground boundaries in Blue. It has many customs sounds and a custom Ambient Soundtrack. This map should play well with the many multiple gametypes. If your Server is a multiple Gametype Server, I highly suggest giving this map a try.

Although this map is a Linear map, and consists of one long back alley, a sewer system, two sets of back yards, and the main street along with both rows of houses, there is plenty of cover for you and your teammates to move from one house to the next. The map as a whole is Very Large and could take a player quite a while to get from one end to the other.

If you and your mates are looking for a change in map gameplay then we highly recommend giving this map a try.

Known Bugs:

1. Air strikes appear and disappear depending on where a player is experiencing the Air strike. This is due to too many Effects playing in one spot, and will be addressed in Final Version.

2. Will possibly widen map by moving player clips out East and West to give players more room.

by DeekCiti Environments (email)


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Version Beta 2.0
Posted by DeekCiti on Sun. May. 3, 2009

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