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New BF2 Mod
BF2 General


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Cypress Swamp
Downloaded 78 times



1. REMOVED DROWNING SCRIPT COMPLETELY. Players can no longer Drown in water due to Server Crashes.

2. Added Global Fog.

3. Tweaked/Cleaned Ambient Background Soundtrack.

4. Changed Heavy Rain to Drizzle. Removed Global Raining Sound. Still hear rain patter in buildings/metal or wood.

5. Added Global fireflys FX.

6. Added Misc bugs/moths FX.

7. Resampled New Thunder and Lightning Sounds. Much more clean and Vibrant sounds.

8. Fixed Climb ladder in Large House. Players had trouble Climbing down without falling.

9. Added Light stick FX around light sticks.

10. Added 5 new sounds that are played randomly. 2 New Bird sounds and 3 new coyote howls.

11. Added 2 new Frog loops. Removed the main loop and added a much more quiet and clean version.

12. Added buzzing flies and bug sounds in areas of bug/moth FX.

13. Added 4 Flares that can be tripped by plyers that walk through a certain area. Can be switched on and off by DVAR.

14. New Minimap.

15. New Loadscreen.

16. Added new Flicker Fire FX around campfire in cave.

17. Added one more rock ledge on the South End.

18. Added Thick Fog that comes near the ground after 300 seconds of map start. Can be switched on or off by DVAR.


Server Dvars:


(To turn on or off the flares, use the following DVAR)

set swamp_flares 1 //1=on 0=off Default=1

(To turn on or off the thick fog, use the following DVAR)

set thick_fog 1 //1=on 0=off Default=1

NOTE: There is Global Fog in the air throughout the map, this is not the thick_fog. The thick fog begins after 300 seconds of map start and is constant there after. This was added so the map doesn't turn into a snipe fest.


Here is an exclusive map of The Cypress Swamps. The map consists of pools of swampy water, littered with lily pads, cattails and dense vegetation to conceal yourself in. The surrounding foothills have some access sniper positions that look over the swamp, as well as two caves with glow sticks and a campfire for lighting. There are three buildings that have access as well as the attics for sniper positions. Since the buildings are up on stilts because of the terrain, the dark shadows under the Shacks provide perfect positions for incoming attacks. This map supports all gametypes including CFT, CFTB and HTF.

by DeekCiti Environments


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wow man. this map is nice! keep up the good work! ;)
Posted by Shugger on Thu. Feb. 19, 2009

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