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This is a containercrane, like used on docks to unload ships

by MetalMilitiaNL (email)


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re: not centered
You were right, it was really way off.
I moved to the centre in the original now, so please do the same in the one you downloaded, if you select it all, nothing will be messed up.
If it happens just let me know and send me a mail and I will send you the redone prefab.

Thx for the input and I hope I will see it someday in a map of yours.


MetalMilitiaNL aka Ferdi
Posted by MetalMilitiaNL on Thu. Jun. 4, 2009
Not centered
The crane looks great. However, when i tried to use it I found it placed the crane way off from there the selected prefab marker is. Entering the prefab the crane is well away from center. I would have moved it to center so I could use it, but I couldn't select all the pieces and didn't want to mess it up.
Posted by Monthar on Mon. Apr. 27, 2009
I havent downloaded ur prefabs but I have to say: they all look outstanding! Keep up the good work
Happy mapping
Posted by Serythvalker on Sat. Dec. 6, 2008

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