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Black Compass
Downloaded 49 times
Heres a Black colored compass. It was from revolt, I converted it to cod2 and added a new compass face.

Readme for Black Compass

Developer: PlusIce

Homepage: www.freewebs.com/icemodding

Title: Black Compass

Version: 1.0

Requirements: Call Of Duty 2 Multi-Player

I converted Lan Clans cod1/uo compass to cod2.

I convert the compassface from Buckdich's uo iron cross compass to cod2.

Cod2 does not have much compass mods so maybe I will make some more.


Add this to the "Main" folder


Lan Clan for making the cod1 compass in the first place.

Buckdich for making the compassface.

PlusIce for converting this to cod2.


You may run this mod on your server.

You may embed these files into a mod if you give credit in the readme.

You may add this file to whatever website or mirrors you desire, It must remain for non-commercial purposes.

by PlusIce (website)


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