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Defuse the bombs in time!
New York is under attack!

by Alex () (website)


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Works in v1.7
To make it work in v1.7 just use the same instructions provided with the "Weapons Free" map by Carlos Pineda:


that worked for me (on a Mac - read the "Mac Notes" I posted in the "Weapons Free" page, so I figure the author's instructions should work for windows users...

Played it a few times, can't seem to get to any bomb in time though!!! Will keep at it until I manage to defuse them all!

Love the level design :P
...and I simply LOVED your Backlot Map, keep pumping them out!!!
Posted by flybyknight on Fri. Aug. 14, 2009
doesnt work in 1.7
map doenst work in 1.7 so if you want to play it and you have 1.7 you have to reinstall
Posted by starkk on Thu. Aug. 14, 2008
I'm downloading now, don't know what the problem is but mostly you have to type in console. /map name
Posted by DutchJok3r on Thu. Jun. 12, 2008
i like the other sp missions but i dont know how to make this one work, can anyone tell me how to make it work so i can try it out? plz...thanks.
Posted by voidsource on Sat. Jun. 7, 2008
I totally agree with ilikepotatoes, sp missions are great
Posted by Elmizz on Sun. May. 11, 2008
no clue how to make it work
how do i play this map!!! i so want to play it lol
Posted by d3dw8t on Sat. Mar. 1, 2008
it's sp, so it's a automatic 5 star from me : )
Posted by ilikepotatoes on Mon. Feb. 11, 2008

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