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De Lariks

This house is a copy of a house in our hometown Assen.
It wasn't easy to build this house, especially the contour of the roof.
I have tried to make a exact copy of the exterior of the house, but the
rooms,stairs and ladders in the house are not original. This because i don't know


how it looks like on the inside of the house and second of all i look what is best
for the gameplay.
I also like that a map is used to it full potentia, so you can almost
get in every corner en hole of the map.
After testing the map i decided to putt also a sawmill in the map.
I have tried to place the sawmill on the original spot, where it used to be

Along side the canal in Assen.


After another test i appeared to be better for the gameplay.

Still there are players of our group who think otherwise.
Most of them like close combat better than have to shoot over a long
distance. But for those players there is the possibility to storm the house or
sawmill and have close combat battles.

The map is still undergoing maintenance. So be patient.

more maps:www.dutchiesserver.nl

by Pingpong (email) (website)


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