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Coduo speederbikes
Downloaded 98 times
This mod will turn all coduo stock jeeps into starwars speederbikes... not much more i can say :P Screenshot added in the zip files as it doesnt fit under the 250kb max image size to add.

by MoViEsTaR (email)


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Already submitted to file front and so far they are a hit on there too :D Dont forget this was 1 very small part of a Star wars mod a few of us were making.... We've now decided to work around the copyrights of lucas arts so we can release the full mod :D Watch this space!! lol
Posted by moviestar on Mon. Jul. 16, 2007
So it was you who made these...they were on DA clan's server last night. Very clever.
Posted by novemberdobby on Mon. Jul. 16, 2007
Just to let you know, the mod was a hit last night. We played Kursk, and immediately, the Star Wars quotes were flying: "I just wanted to make sure you guys know, the Millennium Falcon made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs."

There was one guy that said the mod was silly, but he was the one that spent the whole game zipping around the map on a speederbike.
Posted by ITOE_MC on Sun. Jul. 15, 2007
You should submit this to callofduty.filefront also. Im sure it'll get a lot of downloads there too.

Anyways the speeder bikes are pretty sweet =D
Posted by codmp on Sun. Jul. 15, 2007
Way to much low end coding need for the driver to be able to shoot... And yeah the second view is high but no matter where i placed the 'chase camera' tag it never moved from that possition. Apart from a bmw bike that someone did some time ago this is the only new vehicle done.. i can see why, they are a total nightmare.
Posted by moviestar on Sun. Jul. 15, 2007
lol nice1 :D
just 2 things... the 2nd view could be a bit more back and make it shoot lasers!
Posted by .KiLL3R. on Sun. Jul. 15, 2007
Yeah dont take long to get around Rhine valley on a speeder :D When use to the speed they are great fun.
Posted by moviestar on Sat. Jul. 14, 2007
This mod is awesome. It took me a couple of laps around Rhinevalley to get used to driving it, but help me baby jesus, the opportunity to be Ricky Bobby Skywalker is just too much to pass up. I just uploaded the mod to our server.
Posted by ITOE_MC on Sat. Jul. 14, 2007

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