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Mohaa maps on Cod2?
CoD2 MP Mapping


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Fix for the block_heads_in_space.

The gravity is low on this map, (normal gravity version has been removed) but it still means you'll die if you fall from a height that will kill you if the gravity was normal. However, if you fall to the bottom of the map you won't die.

The bottom of the map has teleporters that take you to areas
in the middle of the cube. This prevents camping at the bottom of the map.

Each cube uses a different shader
Green is made of grass
Yellow is made of glass, though you can't break it
Blue is made of water, you can't move through it, but bullets and grenades can
White is made of snow
Red is made of low friction metal. You'll slide off these if you're not careful

Each cube has two pillars in the middle that act as ladders

by |DA|DarkDilbert () (website)


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Clever, very clever ;)
Posted by novemberdobby on Sun. Jun. 10, 2007
forgot the most important thing - the cubes move around, similar to one of those sliding puzzle toys
Posted by |DA|DarkDilbert on Sat. Jun. 9, 2007

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