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Map Making Bible
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This is an updated version of a tutorial that will help you start crawling, show you how to walk and encourage you to run with it. It includes an easy to understand word document that can be personalized as well as a template map and iwd file... What more do you need? Well, obviously this is just the beginning...

by :[GOB]:Marlow (website)


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Problems with using template map
firstly I would like to say thank-you for putting this together. I am new to map making and have been trying to find out how to start.

I am however having problems, I can't select one side of a brush using ctrl+shift+left mouse. This seems to select the background or the surface under the brush. I can not change the brush dimensions and volume using the method you described either.
I can add my own brush and use the above actions. I can't seem to discover what I am doing wrong or if I have incorrectly loaded something.

Help please.
Posted by OzAngel on Thu. Jul. 5, 2007

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