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Mohaa maps on Cod2?
CoD2 MP Mapping


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Map Title : uo_flak88_mario
Map Version : v0.9
Author : |DA|DarkDilbert and Starlight
E-mail :
Website :


Game : Call of Duty: United Offensive

Supported Gametype : Multiplayer
: Deathmatch
: Team Deathmatch
: Behind Enemy Lines

Map Size : 20-up : Very Large


Contents of this Package :

Modified version of uo_flak88_final by Starlight giving it a
Super Mario Brothers theme.


Installation Instructions:

Place in your Uo folder. Arena name is uo_flak88_mario


Construction Time :

Custom Content : Textures
: Shaders
: Audio
: Models
: Skins

Known Bugs : It's a hexedited map so it may cause some
problems. It runs perfectly on my Windows
machine though.

The map uses a
custom _team.gsc, so it won't work on
servers using the AWE mod yet.

Some servers won't allow new _teams.gscs
to be loaded. The map will load on them but
the player skins won't show up


by |DA|DarkDilbert (email)


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Thanks guys, I didn't realise this had been added - got no email off modsonline.

Yeah, if you look for entries for Mario and Luigi in the _teams.gsc it'll just be a matter of cutting and pasting

Posted by |DA|DarkDilbert on Sun. Mar. 11, 2007
Excellant job! Worth the download! Nice work!
Posted by s4ntiago on Sun. Mar. 11, 2007

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