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A map i made for my clan...its simple 2 towers mainly close combat...its not highly too highly detailed but its really fun to play on n i rarely get complaints...only plays dm and tdm

by {SwSS}G)-(3Tto (killerboots) (email)


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Need some works (2)!
No its really the weapons we're spawning with.
Posted by Capt.Com on Fri. Sep. 29, 2006
i did have some missing textures but i fixed it...the gun problem has never occured before.... but about the textures i mite have sent the wrong version...unless ur talkin but the steps to the top of the bunker thing which i purposely left un textured
Posted by killerboots on Fri. Sep. 29, 2006
Need some works!
The map is not finished, some textures are missing, All the weapons are invisible no matter wich one you choose.
Posted by Capt.Com on Fri. Sep. 29, 2006

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