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Video: Moving Door
Downloaded 1442 times

Woodyb with a video tutorial on creating moving doors.

This video does not have sound.

by Woodyb


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Plesase send me the gsc file
hi please send me to the gsc file
e-mail : mongoose123@citromail.hu

Posted by mongoose123 on Wed. Oct. 1, 2008
Please send it to me, please !!! marekfrydrychmarek@seznam.cz
Posted by MarekFr on Mon. Apr. 14, 2008
cant see triggers
click view the click triggers
Posted by keegandoomfire on Wed. Jul. 11, 2007
Could someone give e the correct link please?
Posted by echoman14 on Sat. Mar. 10, 2007
I need too 2 doors gsc.file. Can you send me that? Thx!
Posted by PowerXzibit on Sat. Feb. 24, 2007
can someone send me a .gsc file of the script if u use 2 doors in it? please place it on rapidshare or something thnx...
Posted by sandermatrix on Mon. Feb. 5, 2007
can someone send me a sample of .gsc file for moving doors because when i create it it doesn't work. so please send me gsn file sample to lord.of.the.land@gmail.com.

Posted by hrecek on Mon. Feb. 5, 2007
i get it but like
I get the trigger thingy, when i go to my map and i go to the door i see the hand icon but when i use my use button it doesnt do anything. Is it because of the .gsc or whatever? Hopefully everything else is right.
Posted by kitetsu on Sun. Feb. 4, 2007
Thanks for the video tutorial, it really helped me..
a question just to make sure, if i got more doors , i just have to add in the script door2 or so?
Posted by souzafeb on Fri. Jan. 5, 2007
Check our filters you probably have triggers unchecked
Posted by hendrix on Sat. Sep. 2, 2006
My trigger won't work.

I can see it when i build it, but when I pressed escaped, it is gone :S:S
Posted by haggis on Mon. Aug. 21, 2006
thanks a lot for this video. Gonna help a lot in my next map. Very well done
Posted by darkdemon58 on Sun. Aug. 20, 2006
Posted by Woodyb on Sun. Aug. 20, 2006

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