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RMC RCON MENU v1.3 (works with 30 Custom Maps)
Downloaded 221 times

Adapted: OTTP TheKurgen
E-Mail: kurgs@thekurgen.com

Original Developer: Benjamin Rossmann ([RM]Lincoln)
Original E-Mail: rm-team@gmx.net


Changelog Version 1.3

Now handles up the addition of up to 30 Custom Maps (in two unique columns)

Also reformatted Map Rotate / Restart to better align on screen

Game: Call of Duty 2 (V1.2)

Changelog Version 1.2

This is the original RMC-Rcon-Mod - adapted to work with new maps for COD2 v1.2

Now includes Wallendar and Rosotv (otherwise known as Rhine and Harbor)

"Original Description: The RMC-Rcon-Mod is a very usefull Tool for Server-Admins.
You're able to control your server completely in the game by an Rcon-Menu. Its to
much to explain all features. Check out the screenshots below and download it."


Simply put the iw_RMC-Rcon-Mod_12.iwd in your Activision/Call of Duty 2/main folder. Then run
Call of Duty 2. Now you have to be able to click on the RMC-Rcon-Menu-Button.
Now join a server and login by /rcon login "rconpw".
Example: The rconpassword is rconpw -> you have to type into the console /rcon login rconpw
Now you are able to use it.

Adapted by OTTP TheKurgen from original code by:

"www.rm-cod.de.vu, RM-Clan - Benjamin Rossmann ([RM]Lincoln)"

by TheKurgen (adapted from code by RMLincoln) (email) (website)


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