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Video: Textures 102
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This tutorial walks you through the creation of a basic alpha channel texture from start to finish.

This is a quicktime 7 movie format. Make sure you have quicktime 7 to play this video.


by StrYdeR () (website)


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Wierd result
Thanks for the tutorial, but could you please help me? I get a wierd result on my alpha channel texture http://modsonline.com/Forums-top-144341-0.html.
Posted by Leal on Tue. Jul. 19, 2011
Here can you find how to add the name to the compiller
Scrol down to end.
Posted by KlemenKrajnc on Wed. May. 23, 2007
Grate image
can i get that image u used?
Posted by cheeseburger on Sat. Jan. 20, 2007
This video explains what isn't in the 101 for CoD2. Thanks a bajillion StrYdeR!
Posted by samikaze on Tue. Sep. 12, 2006
I tried this stryder, but when I try to save as .dds I get a error saying that there are too many channels.. I must have the wrong .dds plugin or something.. I am not getting this error when I am doing regular textures.... if someones .dds plugin does work, could you point me to where i can download it??
thanks {CuF}SK
Posted by {CuF}SamuraiKnight on Sun. May. 28, 2006
Tutorial referred to
take a look at the end of this tutorial
Posted by StrYdeR on Wed. May. 17, 2006

Hey thanks for that tutorial.

Btw, where can i find the tutorial or the modification for the compiller, i means the option you add with your name? This will be very useful.

Posted by Dedwyn on Sun. May. 14, 2006

Thanks alot fella! :D


Been wondering for a while how to do this. Great tutorial. 

Posted by bigdave876 on Wed. May. 3, 2006
Thank you, the Tutorial is very good!
Posted by janad on Tue. May. 2, 2006

Hello Stryder, thank you very much for the tutorial, i'm very very happy , now i will be able to work with alpha texture forCod 2.

Eldiablo666 french mapper


Posted by eldiablo666 on Tue. May. 2, 2006

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