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Mohaa maps on Cod2?
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Video (podcast): Getting Started with CoD2
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*This is a video podcast version of the original which is also available on this site. This video is formatted for the video ipod.

A video forum showing you how to make a very, very simple map taking you through the processes of:
- installing the mod tools
- loading and using the radiant mapping editor
- making your first simple map
- compiling the map for use in the game
- playing your multi-player level in the game

by foyleman (email)


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Compiler wont open
I have gone to open the compiler but it wont. anyhelp?
Posted by ozarian on Sun. Mar. 21, 2010
VLC player rocks for that filetypes :D
Posted by GarF on Wed. May. 31, 2006
ipod video???
ipod video is an mpeg video format. You will be required to have an mpeg video player/codec available to see this file such as itunes, quicktime, etc. I even heard that PSP will work.
Posted by foyleman on Sat. Apr. 22, 2006

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