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Mohaa maps on Cod2?
CoD2 MP Mapping


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This is my tweaking script for CoD 1.1

To execute this script just place it in your CoD/main and type /exec tweaks.cfg in your console.

most values can be 0 off or 1 on, exceptions will be stated

bold ones are for better fps

The settings it changes are: (all legal)

cg_drawfps "1"        <- puts a fps counter in ur top right
cg_lagometer "1"      <-puts a lag meter in ur mid right
cg_blood "0"            <-disables blood better fps rate
cg_brass "0"            <-disables brass
cg_marks "0"           <-no marks on the wall
cg_shadows "0"        <-ur not total nerds i assume
r_dynamiclight "0"     <-makes lighting a bit more simple
r_fastsky "1"             <-sets a default color, no skytexture
r_gamma "1.3"          <-extra brightness setting (1 and up, 2 is almost white)
r_picmip "3"              <-texture detail (1-detailed 5-rough)
r_picmip2 "3"            <-model detail (1-detailed 5-rough)
com_maxfps "125"    <-max fps, also put "Sync Every Frame" to OFF in your options->performance menu

by FaLLen/Zipper/ (website)


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