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CoD2 and CoD Color Name Scripter (v2.0)
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Readme File:CoD2 and CoD Color Name Scripter (v2.0)

*\\\ CoD2 and CoD Color Name Scripter ///*

I will be including a setup program so if you don't have the components these will install it for you.

also I have added color to the program.



In the Seta Name: text box you can add to the window editor by clicking on Add Name CFG, after you have done

that you can then set your timer set by selecting from the combo box 5,10,15,20 (5 to be the fastest, 20 is slowest)

after you have done your cfg file you than save it to cod2 or cod/main

when you are inside the game, you can than bind it to a key, like this /bind exec name.cfg

after the game is done, than you can execute it, if you do in between the game playing it will cause problems;

so be nice.

I still have the Advance CFG Editor if you want to do anything you like there...

hiide - > codfiles.com
Wildturkey - > Modsonline.com

[FC]Wildturkey on Final Call

any questions about this program please send your emails to wildturkey@nerogames.net
or visit http://www.nerogames.net/portal - register and post your errors there.


This Utility is soley made to the hobbyist for coloring there names and animating it, i am not responsible of there
mistreated actions towards animated scripts.

by ]|DFG|[Kay (email) (website)


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Everytime I press Install, it says Insert Disk 1 :s 

Try to fix that please, or is it something I do wrong? :p

Posted by Hawk1988 on Tue. Feb. 28, 2006

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