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CoD2 Nickanimator
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Guidance for an animated pitch name in call OF Duty 2 (Multiplayermodus) It is to be animated possible in call OF Duty 2 its own pitch names and also in the most diverse colors. This guidance is to help you to manage. 1.) first you need the file "nickanimator.cfg", which you can downloaden at the end articles. 2.) open the file "nickanimator.cfg" with a Windows text editor. 3.) in it you see now the individual lines. Where in it "your name" stands, taps you for your clan name or your normal spielernamen purely. 4.) around this colored to get, it gives to be made colored again on the homepage within the article range a guidance such as Nicknames here, likewise. You can make also individual letters colored. 5.) the text in "nickanimator.cfg" is, can approximately by 2 subject be extended. 6.) you can replace also names after some lines with your web pages URL or another text there. Only, that is the last line, then again your normal name is important. Thus as it are always called is in the play and also in "nickanimator.cfg" in the first line begins. 7.) thus you all other players on the server the animation to see later and also can do, is it importantly a key on your keyboard to be bound. The animation functions then only if the point screen appears at the end of the play, where all players stand in it, before a new map is loaded. 8.) before now the next map is loaded, your animation in the point screen must run off, it may not longer run, if nevertheless, you must shorten your text in "nickanimator.cfg". Because otherwise it can pass, if a new map loads and is not the animation through, that the play falls and the straight line where it falls the play, which then your name or text changes in "config_mp.cfg" and differently reads. Then you must change it in "config_mp.cfg". Simply for the term "seta name" look. Thus that the name there with the first line of your name in "nickanimator.cfg again agrees. 9.) "nickanimator.cfg" you copy the file into Main the listing of call OF Duty 2. 10.) for calling the animation a key bind, goes in such a way: CONSOLE oeffen, is the key left beside the "1". This text write in with all indications: /bind y EXEC "nickanimator.cfg" the letter "y" stands then for the key then fast and only once! one presses, if the point screen is there. You can occupy also another key, it should on it only no play instruction be, because otherwise one overwrites. 11.) each Gameserver do not let it see also to the animation. That has to do with the attitudes of the Gameservers. Simply times try out where it functioned. 12.) over to test whether your animation also pleases, can you you it with your play test. Start simply an own server. A map load. The TAB key keep pressed and anschliessden the bound key press. The animation is played. 13.) you can put on also several "nickanimator.cfg" files with various names and animations and also several keys bind. 14.) and here the Download of the file

by ]|DFG|[Kay () (website)


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Animate your name...cool
This script is actually very easy to use...considering I've never worked w/ scripts before. Just substitue your name in the script, put the script in the Main Folder, Bind one key to 'point' to the script and you're set. I've sent him an english version of the instructions which I hope he'll post as they are much easier to read than his german/english version of the instructions. It's so cool and easy, you've gotta get it.
Posted by toothpic on Wed. Mar. 14, 2007

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