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Exodus Gaming Tools Color Name Scripter
Downloaded 373 times

Exodus Gaming Tools Presents!!!

*\\\ Color Name Scripter ///*



Very very simple Scripter,

all you have to do is type in the Color Code into the text box

after you have set the color to the name just hit the Generate button and you will

get a save option. just type in the name of the cfg into the call of duty 2/main folder

after you have done that.

go into the game and hit ~ (tilda) after you do that just type \exec name.cfg and poof your name

is changed, or you can also bind it \bind p exec "name.cfg" or whatever letter you want, P

doesnt have to be, any Letter..

I have added CFG Editor so you can make  your own animated scripts, i provided a simple example on

how to design one.

Also I will be including the file comdlg32.ocx file so you won't get the error,

install the comdlg32.ocx into c:\windows\system32

Reboot the system so the componant can be registered.



Help Wanted - Volunteer Only


I still need Help on my end:

a) 1 Visual Basic 6+ Programmers and C++ Network KNowledge
b) Webmaster Position is taken.

hiide - > codfiles.com
Wildturkey - > Modsonline.com

[FC]Wildturkey on Final Call

any questions about this program please send your emails to wildturkey@nerogames.net

(EGT) Exodus Gaming Tools is pending of copyright.

by Wildturkey (email)


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