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Chateau de Vaumicel
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A Call of Duty : United Offensive multiplayer map made by ReViVaL 1980 & Lucyfers.
Note : This map is made for Call of Duty UO only.

Map information

Title : Chateau de Vaumicel
Filename : gfm_chateau_de_vaumicel_beta_0.96.pk3
BSP name : gfm_chateau_de_vaumicel.bsp
Version : Beta 0.96
Release date : 14/11/2005
Author : ReViVaL 1980 & Lucyfers
Contact : & lucyfers_fr@hotmail.com

Play information

Game : Call of Duty : United Offensive Multiplayer
Supported gametypes : DM, TDM, SD, HQ, BEL and HTP (new gametype by Lucyfers)

This map is made by ReViVaL 1980 & Lucyfers. Copyright (c) 2005 ReViVaL 1980 & Lucyfers.

You may distribute this RAR or PK3 in any not-for-profit electronic format as long as you contact me first,
and include all files, including this readme, intact in the original archive.
You may not decompie and/or modify this map in any way without my permission.

Have fun and thank you for playing this map!

Caskou, Tyranos, Scruff, Tropheus, Teuh, clan 716ID

by ReViVaL 1980 & Lucyfers (email)



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