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Mohaa maps on Cod2?
CoD2 MP Mapping


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UO xmodel/viewer
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This compiled html help file has a search function that works with the model names. It also has an Index with keywords that you can select and a list of models that fit the keyword that you have chosen will come up. Choose the one you want to look at and click display. The picture of the model will show along with the "xmodel/whatever".

To add a model into gradient:

1) Right click in the 2d area of the screen of the editor.
2) Select misc -> model
3) when the list of xmodels shows up go ahead and cancel it. We don't need that thing any more.
4) Make sure the red block representing the model is still selected.
4) In the entity editor enter the following:
   Key: model
5) Now go the xmodel viewer and find the model that you want to use.
6) Under the picture is "xmodel/whatever" copy and paste that into your entity editor for the value.
7) press enter and your model has now been added to your map.

Hope this makes it easier for someone to add models to their map.


Lauramaegan and Foolish
Don't forget to visit me at WWW.lauramaegan.com  ;

by Lauramaegan (website)


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Posted by toximitso on Sat. Nov. 2, 2013
I know this is an old thread, but this is invaluable and a great help for mapping.
Posted by D28twang on Fri. Jun. 21, 2013
thanks m8, very handy tool :)
Posted by anz on Wed. Jul. 16, 2008
Yay, thanks for this :D
Posted by DopeDo on Thu. May. 3, 2007
idk wats up...i just DL'ed the program and opend it and it said the page cannot be displayed...do i have to install it to a certain directory or wat am i missing?...maybe its just temporary
Posted by NiPpLeS on Mon. Jul. 17, 2006
UO model viwer

Dude, like always...this is GREAT work!

I know there is another one for COD..not just the UO models, but I cant find it....any ideas?

Posted by Horseman on Wed. Mar. 1, 2006

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