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A Call of Duty: United Offensive multiplayer map made by Siffer.

Map information

Title:                 Brjansk
Filename:              mp_uo_brjansk.pk3
BSP name:              mp_uo_brjansk.bsp
Version:               1.0
Release date:          December 25th 2004
Author:                Siffer
Homepage:              www.siffersmaps.tk


This is a new version of my map mp_brjansk, which was originally made for Call of Duty. This is an updated version, polished for Call of Duty: United Offensive. The map takes place in the city of Brjansk, Russia. It's a quite small map with lots of good sniping spots and places to hide. There are plenty of accessable buildings to explore.

Updates and changes since last version:

- Capture The Flag and Search & Destroy gamemodes added.
- Some minor bugs fixed, such as misaligned textures etc.
- More details added to the map.
- New textures (from UO) have been added.
- The lighting has been modified. The shadows are now slightly darker.
- LMG mount points added.
- Spawn points slightly modified.
- More cover added to the streets and in som other places.
- Some smoke effects added.

NOTE: This map is made for Call of Duty: United Offensive and may NOT run properly in the original Call of Duty!


Extract mp_uo_brjansk.pk3 into your Call of Duty\uo folder.

To play the map, start Call of Duty: United Offensive multiplayer and create a server. Choose "mp_uo_brjansk" from the server map list.


Build time:            A couple of weeks
Compile time:          About 2 hours
Base:                  New map
Editor(s) used:        CoDUO Radiant
Known bugs:            None, but please e-mail me if you find any :)

Play information

Game:                  Call of Duty: United Offensive Multiplayer
Supported gametypes:   DM, Team DM, BEL, RE, S&D and CTF
Players:               Recommended for about 6 - 16 players

Special thanks

I would like to thank the following people for helping me with beta testing, feedback, suggestions and bug reporting:

Everyone who reported bugs

...and everyone else on the IWNation and Marko's Map Design forums who have helped me testing the map and given me suggestions and ideas. Thanks!


You may distribute this ZIP or PK3 in any not-for-profit electronic format (BBS, Internet, CD, etc.) as long as you contact me first, and include all files, including this readme, intact in the original archive. You may not decompie and/or modify this map in any way.

This map is made by Siffer. Copyright (c) 2004 Siffer.

Have fun and thank you for playing this map!

by Siffer (email) (website)


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