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Mohaa maps on Cod2?
CoD2 MP Mapping


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CoDUOMaker V1.0.1B1057
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CoDUOMaker V1.0.1B1057 has been released. This is a bug fix release.


Fixed bug where a crash would happen if you hadn't installed CoD and just copied it.
Fixed bug in Flare setup dialog for multiple instances of -fast would appear on the top comman line.
Fixed bug where Dumpoptions and Sundiffuse settings were not checked upon entering flare setup dialog when they were saved as checked.
Cosmetic fix: In Flare setup Dialog, changed the size of the drop down box to not overlap the text before it.


Fixed bug where SP maps were receiving the no BSP found error message when trying to launch. Thanks Bodger
Fixed bug in Flare button where -fast was being added twice when entering Flare setup. Thanks Flipsen


Fixed bug where you launch the map and the game starts but the map is not auto loaded. Thanks Bodger.
Changed the copy to a move when using UO flare workaround. Courtesy of Bodger.
Also found and fixed a bug where, if HQ is a gametype, CoDUOMaker would crash.
Fixed -v error. The switch should have been -v instead of -verbose. Thanks to Bodger.

If you have -verbose in your command line, open CoDUOMaker.ini file with any text editor and search for -verbose and replace with -v. Should only be one on a line and only in 2 places.

The full install and the exe only can be found in our downloads section.

by Dameon () (website)


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ARENA file
i cant make a arena file any way of fixing it??
Posted by madscotslad07 on Thu. Sep. 20, 2007
Doesnt Work?

when i go to compile blablabla, i open it up and theres none of my maps there? and yes i did do the coduo options in options for it, any ideas?
Posted by mercilessrangeradam on Sun. Dec. 31, 2006
Finally you fixed the bug where sp maps wouldnt be autoloaded thanks to all who helped/made this program!
Posted by predieanalien on Wed. Oct. 26, 2005

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