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Mohaa maps on Cod2?
CoD2 MP Mapping


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This application is used as a front for the compiling tools of both CoD and UO. Creates and runs the .bat file for compiling. Select from many of the common command line compiling switches. Will launch a map with the game for testing.

by Dameon () (website)


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wats this 4?
like how du u use it and wat does it make?
Posted by max__20027 on Wed. Jun. 22, 2005
.map currupt
After using this program, my .map file became currupt forcing me to restart my map!
Posted by supersword on Thu. Mar. 3, 2005
Great gig thx for the Program :)
Posted by The_Grass on Thu. Mar. 3, 2005

I compiled a map with it but the lighting was messed up both times on compiles, I used a normal .bat to compile the same one, lighting worked fine. At least I can still use it to open up the map quicker for testing.


Posted by SpentC. on Tue. Mar. 1, 2005

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