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Doom 3 Texture Help File
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This file was made by rEdrUmMDK and the sole property of me and Modsonline.com. Just extract this file to your desktop. It is built like a normal Windows Help File. To the best of my knowledge it includes every texture you will see in the D3 Editor. When D3 was first released and I was using the editor it was extremely hard to find the right texture. Always loading and unloading the textures in there. Seeing many blank boxes etc. So please give this file a try and if the interest is there I will continue with one for the models. Some of the folders in this help file have over a hundred textures in them. One has around 300 textures. I spent many hours building this so I hope everyone can get some benefit from it. Enjoy

by rEdrUmMDK () (website)


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