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Place of Two Deaths
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Readme File:
August, 2004 Doom 3 "Place of Two Death" by RobertCaven

Title : PlaceOfTwoDeaths
MapFilename : q1dm1byrc.map

Author : RobertCaven

Email Address : robertcaven@web.de

Map description : My first Doom 3 map for Death Match is a Remake of
the dm1 from Quake 1, calls "Place of Two Death".
Proved Mapdesign make the map good in Gameplay and the Doom 3 engine
give it nice looking.

Supported Gametypes : Deathmatch, Team DM, Tourney, Last Men Standing.

Thanks to : id software,My Friends Chad,Ron,Dave and Clem!!!
Special Thanks to :


***** Construction *****

Editor used : Doom 3 Edit
Known Bugs : Tell me if you find some ;)
Compile machine : Athlon 2.6XP , GeForce 5600 FX, 512 SDRAM


* How to use the .pk4 *

1. copy RCq1dm1.pk4 to your base directory. (c:\program files\Doom 3\base\ <--Standart)
2. Create a multiplayer server an choose the "PlaceOfTwoDeaths" map from the list.
3. Go frag some noobs!

by RobertCaven (email)


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