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Doom 3 Mini Rocket Arena
Downloaded 18 times

------------------[ Doom 3 Mini Rocket Arena ]------------------

Idea: Based upon the original idea of Rocket Arena!

To put two or more players in a map. All pickups have been
removed, the player spawns with all weapons and a limited amount
of ammo. The BFG is not included!

In the true nature of RA, Rocket/Grenade jumping & falling down
does no damage to self.

Gameplay: Weapons are balanced for up to 8 players, meaning that
if you have more players, you might run out of ammo!

Tips: Something fun that you can't do in RA3...

Sneak up on a person and frag him with chainsaw, fists or

Kamakazi over to another person with a primed grenade, blow
him up and not take any damage to self.

Your teammate in tdm can really frag with the chaingun?
Drop it to him and he gets more ammo...

-----------------[ Installation Instructions ]------------------

Unzip the content of MiniRA.zip to your Doom3 folder with paths.
That means; after you unzip, there should be a MiniRA folder
inside your Doom3 folder where your Doom.exe file is.
To clarify, thats: /Doom 3/MiniRA/

To start the mod:
To play MiniRA you have to start the mod first. You do that by
selecting Mods from the main menu and selecting MiniRA.
You can also do it by starting Doom3 with +set fs_game MiniRA

To join a server:
There is no way of sorting servers by mod in the in-game
browser, so you can only look for the right server names.
Alternative is to use the game browser ASE and filter Doom 3
server that has fs_game set to "MiniRA".
ASE: http://www.udpsoft.com/eye/

When joining you get a missing pak file warning:
Either you dident start the MiniRA mod, the server is
running a different version of the mod or not running the
mod at all.

To start a non-dedicated server:
To start a non dedicated server you use the menu just like
vanilla Doom 3.

To start a dedicated server:
I added a custom MiniRA_Dedicated.bat file under the MiniRA
folder, run it to start a dedicated server.
It uses the MiniRA_Server.cfg in the same folder to setup
server rules, you can edit it with notepad...

-------------------------[ Features ]---------------------------

Version 0.1beta

Player spawns with:
100 Health
100 Armor
20 - Grenades
12/88 - Pistol
8/42 - Shotgun
60/120 - Machinegun
60/120 - Chaingun
50/100 - Plasmagun
5/25 - Rocketlauncher

Weapon Review:
Fists - 50 Damage
Flashlight - 100 Damage
Pistol - Unchanged
Chainsaw - Unchanged
Shotgun - unchanged
Machinegun - Unchanged
Chaingun - Unchanged
Rocketlauncher - Unchanged
Plasmagun - Unchanged

Additional Features:
No damage to self when you rocket/grenade jump!
No damage to self when you fall down!
Custom server config - MiniRA_Server.cfg
Custom dedicated server startup file - MiniRA_Dedicated.bat
Custom commented mapcycle file - mapcycle.scriptcfg

-----------------------[ Mod Schedule ]-------------------------

Player spawns with all weapons & extra ammo.
Max ammo of a player is a weapons start ammo * 2.
Removed rocket/grenade splash damage.
Added same knockback to grenades as on rockets.
All pickups & Powerups removed from maps.
More FPS! Due to removed pickups, little bonus there :D
Changed fists/flashlight damage.
Server config and startup file.

Get a spanking new logo for the menu.
Change the annoying menu music.
Change unlit flashlight damage to 50.
Add gametype / map modes & multi maps if possible.
Remove items from the game without getting warnings.
Gather additional ideas for the mod.
Test and tweak... If you find bugs MAIL ME PLEASE!

I had to remove some sp items from the mod because the guys
that did the maps "cough, Splash Damage?" used them in the mp
maps, tsk tsk guys... :D

If anyone has some sort of contribution to the mod, email me!
"Maps, Music, Sounds, Graphics, Website, you name it..."

--------------------------[ Credits ]---------------------------

Thanks ID Software for a great game/engine, JC pls. adopt me!

Lars "MayDay" Damsholt

Coming soon...

Need someone to make menu music, mail me!

Need some small simple maps "just map & spawns :)", MAIL ME!!!

--------------------[ Contact inforamtion ]---------------------

Mod creator:
Lars "MayDay" Damsholt, aka. |Pp|MayDay
Mail: MayDay@PvtParts.dk

You can reach me via quakenet on the following channels:
#Doom3.dk - Coolest Danish Doom 3 gamers around!
#Doom3 - Lots of doomers in there chatting.
#MD-Bots - My private little corner on qnet ;P
#PvtParts - My clans channel.

by |Pp|MayDay (email)


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