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clear glass texture
Downloaded 354 times
Clear glass texture & shader for CoD

I keep reading people asking about a clear glass in CoD as there is not 1 I made this for all to use it will look a light grey in radiant so you can see it.

In game it will be crystal clear you will not see it only when you bump in to it or shoot it.

Bullets will go through it the player will not it will leave bullet holes in it they will fade out.

by J4FswampyG


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i have some problem while download.i must renamed to clear.zip to the end that function...but now-great work!
Posted by marco.polo on Sat. Jan. 29, 2005
I tried but every thing kept crashing the compiler.
Posted by rEdrUmMDK on Sun. Jul. 4, 2004
About time
Good job J4FswampyG....it is about time someone got around to making one
Posted by StrYdeR on Sun. Jul. 4, 2004

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