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Grossdeutschland Skin
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Grossdeutschland for CoD Community by Michael Ritter

I made the tunic a M41-M43 look alike instead of late war M44 which is one of the only tunics that was hardly used. How do I know this? Because I'am a German Reenactor of Grossdeutschland and I made a skin of grossdeutschland soldat with GD shoulderpads and the classic Red ribbon of eastern front campaign.

If you don't know anything about GD head over to http://members.shaw.ca/grossdeutschland/overview.htm for a history lesson on GD, in my opinion GD was the most elite of Panzer DIvisions. You had to be german born and have a High School diploma unlike the SS.

Remember this is version one of GD so stay tuned for me. I will also be working on other skins to eventualy make a Realism skin pack.

place "user-grossdeutschland" in your CoD Main folder.
this will replace the wehrmacht soldiers

by Michael Ritter


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