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Mohaa maps on Cod2?
CoD2 MP Mapping


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Sky Fix pk3
Downloaded 5629 times
This file will add a list of sky textures to the drop-down list in the editor. It was originally created by The Storms and distributed through the TMT Forums.

Just paste this file next to your other pk3's and a sky texture set will appear in the list.

by The Storms (website)


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where to save
c-drive/program files/call of duty/main
Posted by trigger1234 on Fri. Jan. 2, 2009
i added it where i need to, but theres no SKY feature on my drop down menu. I have SKIES but its pictures of sky graphics, like clouds, snow, etc..... So my question is what now? thanx - mike
Posted by mike on Tue. Oct. 30, 2007
Go to My Computer.
Click your Hard disk drive, (C:)
Look up at the left corner, click Search for files or folders.
Click All files and folders.
Type in: "Call of Duty"
Look for "Call of Duty Game of the Year"
Click that folder.
Click the folder, "Main"
Place your .pk3 there.
(This is for CoD1...)
Posted by Raccoon on Thu. May. 17, 2007
Go to
my computer
c drive
program files
call of duty

that is if you installed in the normal place
Posted by Run_n_Gun on Fri. Apr. 6, 2007
"This pk3 file you will want to place in the main folder."
Posted by Hong5 on Fri. May. 26, 2006
same problem

where do i place them, i'm new

Posted by Hell1O on Fri. May. 26, 2006
where to place???

where do i place this file can anybody tell (since i dont hv any pk3 files yet that i know off)

Posted by CARLONIESSEN on Thu. Mar. 16, 2006

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