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Raven Software Forums No-More

The developers of the Soldier of Fortune series, Quake IV, and many other great titles are shutting down their forums. They just redesigned their website and decided that they didn't want to continue the forums. There is no definite date of closure.. but it's gonna happen. CBernstein of Raven starts the closing thread :

Posted by foyleman in Soldier of Fortune on Dec 19, 2006


Have you ever wanted to write video games? Have you ever wanted to develop the Artificial Intelligence (AI) for a game? Have you ever wanted to win $8,000?

The Imagine Cap Project Hoshimi contest allows you to all these things. Even better there is a mode where you use an editor to develop game play without writing code – just in case coding isn’t for you. Get more info here:
Posted by SparkyMcSparks in Gaming News on Dec 18, 2006

BF2142 1.10 Patch Tuesday

Another patch for Battlefield 2142 on Tuesday. A few of the fixes will change the default server port to 17567, fix active camo and update most current PunkBuster client files.

Oh wait! Are those the fixes or new bugs? We'll, tomorrow we find out. (just kidding).

... [ There's more ]
Posted by foyleman in Battlefield : 1942 on Dec 17, 2006

3DBuzz 3dsMax Fundamentals Price Cut

For those people interested in learning 3DS Max, 3DBuzz (3DBuzz.com) are offering their 3DSMax training course for only $99 during the Christmas period (the usual price is $250).

The course comes on 2 DVD's and features over 100 hours of video tutorials. There are three main projects, 1 side project, and a mini-course about Adobe Photoshop. That is $1 per hour for 3ds max training - where else can you get such value for money.... [ There's more ]
Posted by Gaspode in Gaming News on Dec 17, 2006

Wii Problem

"Wii" might have a problem here.

The "WiiMote" wrist strap has been giving up on most people. One article in my newspaper today said one girl was playing bowling and the strap broke and cracked her 37" tv. Other people have had the same problems.

As a picture below shows the old mote compared to the new one

Below there is a... [ There's more ]
Posted by batistablr in Gaming News on Dec 15, 2006

MODSonline Episode 053

This is episode 53 of MODSonair recorded on December 10, 2006 and brought to you by MODSonline.com.

STALKER, GRAW2, CS1.6 Adverts, MMO Firefly, Sega’s Secret Game,Crysis delay and leave Germany if, Far Cry Vengeance, WiiMote on PC, Red Steel, Pro Gaming Drug Tests, ESRB Surveys, GameStop Campaign, ESRB Politics, Halo 3, BF2142 Played A Lot, Left Behind Expansion, 2006 Defined, Mods Books & Games 2007, more…

Posted by foyleman in MODSonair on Dec 14, 2006

2 Great Looking Games

Two new trailers hit the net today getting me excited for their release.

First was a new Bioshock trailer exploring the depths of the sea. This  trailer showed me that there are psychic abilities that can be part of your arsenal. 

Second is a trailer for GRAW2 that goes beyond the previous ... [ There's more ]

Posted by foyleman in Gaming News on Dec 13, 2006

From Christian to Jewish

We've already had the chance to checkout the Christian game "Left Behind: Eternal Forces " where you must smite all heathens. Well, Manifesto wants to make sure the Jewish faith is also represented in the games market with their latest being called "The Shivah ".

Posted by foyleman in Gaming News on Dec 12, 2006

GarageGames Inc. releases Torque X Beta

A beta version of the Torque game engine is available. With this version, you can create games for the XBox 360. Something we discussed in episode 049 of MODSonair.... [ There's more ]
Posted by foyleman in Gaming News on Dec 12, 2006

Call Of Duty 2: Single Elimination Tournament

Thats right you lone-gunners out there, you sultan's of slaughter, you one man armies, you unstoppable carnage inducing solo gunman. Your time has come.

You've all shown what you've got when it comes to a well oiled, tactical machine of a squad in some hardcore team competitions and tournaments.

Now its time to throw your comm... [ There's more ]
Posted by SparkyMcSparks in Call of Duty 2 on Dec 8, 2006
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