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About Us


MODSonline is a community of modders, developers and gamers each supporting the other in their endeavors. If you're looking to modify a game or add new content to it (maps, scripts, etc), head straight to the forums and introduce yourself. We've been doing just that for 10 years. If you're looking to join a competitive team or even have your team become part of MODSonline, you've found yourself amongst some of the best.

The talented members of MODSonline may concentrate on only a few games at once, but there is bound to be someone around to help with any game out there. Our forums are well monitored by those who can help and if you would like to offer something new, just suggest as much and we'll consider it.

Being a community centered around gaming, we are not just here to help but we are here to have fun. While your opinions are welcome, we expect everyone to be courteous and don't tolerate otherwise. We want this site to be as welcoming as the games we play and we believe that our friendly outlook is why we have such a large and pleasant community.

If you are able, please considering subscribing as a means to support the efforts of this site. You might see some advertising and other subscribing members, but this site does not turn a profit and support is welcome.


While we are a community who enjoys to work together, there are those few that help to keep this site running smoothly. Out community can be divided into two primary groups. And since those two groups require unique talents to themselves, our staff is organized to meet the needs of the community.

Erik "foyleman" Guilfoyle

Owner, programmer and co-founding father of MODSonline LLC. If you have a question about the origanization or a suggestion on how the site could run better, foyleman is the man who will see to it.


Jeff "Stryder" Salé

As general manager of MODSonline since 2004, Stryder makes sure the site runs smoothly. If there is ever a problem in the forums or elsewhere on the site, Stryder is sure to be there with a solution. You can also find Stryder on MODSonair as a regular host of the live broadcast.

Adam "Welshy" Drake

MODSonline is a huge site with a long list of members. As general manager of MODSonline since 2007, Welshy helps to keep our community of mappers, modders and developers happy. Anything that is posted to the site, you can probably bet that Welshy reviewed it and approved it. You can also find Welshy on MODSonair as a regular host of the live broadcast.


Luke "Mystic" Hodgson

Mystic is our community manager. With thousands of forum posts and hundreds of file uploads, it's not an easy job to make everyone happy. If you have a question or comment in the forum, Mystic always sees to it that it's answered either by himself or someone else.

Foxhound & RedRumMDK

In 2002, foyleman, Foxhound and RedRumMDK joined forces and created MODSonline.


Muhammad "ham"

Ham seems to know so much about what's going on in the current game's market, we've made him a our MODSonair resident know-it-all. Catch him on MODSonair.


Forum Moderators

The staff above does an excellent job of keeping things in working order, but I never forget that there are other community leaders who help out where they can. You'll find those people listed in each appropriate forum as a moderator. There may be others that do more then their fair share and we are very thankful for their input.



In mid 1999, foyleman started an internship with a small 3D modeling and animation start-up. While managing their website, he was taught to work with various 3D modeling, animation and video editing programs. Some days, the group would load up a video game and play together locally on the Lan. That game of the moment happened to be the original Half-Life game from Valve Software. Interest in playing the game turned into interest in mapping. Soon after foyleman learned to map using WorldCraft he reluctantly released his first map. The community accepted his hard work and hence began a hobby that continues to this day.

A couple months later, Soldier of Fortune was released (March 2000) and it quickly became the new game within the office. There was no modding community for the game and wanting to give back, foyleman thought to start one. He started a creating documentation on the game and its files and later found some other modders doing the same. One such person was PointyGit. He asked PointyGit as well as a few others if they would mind having their tutorials and information reposted in a collective website. Of course, that website also needed to be developed. This began the site foyleman.com (late 2000), however nobody knew who foyleman was just yet. As luck would have it, in March of 2001 SOFCenter was in need of a community manager and foyleman would answer the call.

In March of 2002, foyleman saw a future for a much larger community. He wasn't just interested in one game, he enjoyed several games and wanted to create a community that could help others, that would contain all the mapping and modding needs in one place and would treat each other with the kindness and respect he received with his first map. This began the site called GDConnect.com otherwise known as Game Developers Connection.

The website may have contained quite a few tutorials, forums and a few members, but the community wasn't growing very quickly. Discussing this with a few of his friends, Foxhound and RedRumMDK decided to offer what they had in the way of community members and file downloads (and some much needed financial support to get it all underway). Finally, this huge boost to the site needed one more improvement before it was complete... a new name. In November of 2002, MODSonline was born.

In July of 2005, foyleman, Foxhound, Stryder and RedRumMDK took their knowledge and love of games to the microphone launching MODSonair. Over the years MODSonair grew from a 30 minute audio show to a 60 minutes weekly live broadcast and has been running every since. Stickam alone has brought us over 1.6 million viewers over the years and we continue to grow.

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