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Arena Files : Listing Your Map
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This will show you how to get your map to show up in the "Start New Server" List.
How to make Arena files so my CoD map shows in the list

Thanks to Shoot for the work put into this tutorial.

How do I get my map to show up in the "Start New Server" List?
My map won't show up, Why?
Asking these questions - well here is the fix for it.

The game looks for a file called an arena file that has 3 specific bits of information about not o­nly your custom map but every map included with CoD. Those 3 things are:
  1. BSP file name of map
  2. Long Name of the map
  3. Supported Gameytpes

Ok now to set those 3 things up for your map:
  1. First create a mp folder in the main folder - the path should be main/mp
    You will need to recreate this path when placing your final map files in a pk3 for distribution also.
  2. Next you will create an arena file. How?
    Use a program like notepad to create these files. (see foot note below about editing script files)
    Open notepad and add the following text as a base to start with:

    map "map_bsp_name_without_extension"

    longname "The long name of your map goes here"

    gametype "dm tdm sd re bel ctf"


  3. Enter the bsp name of you map without the extension into the map field.
  4. Enter you map desctiption into the longname field - keep in mind there is not limit but I know the server list will truncate it at some point.
  5. Remove the unsupported gametypes of you map.
  6. Be sure that the opening bracket: { and the closing bracket: } are there - or you script will not work
  7. Save the file with an .arena extension. As far as file names anything goes except for the name CoDmaps.arena this is what CoD uses for the stock maps. Its best to use your map name for t! his so you can find it easy later o­n.

Here is an example of a completed arena file and also a link of where to download this file so you can edit yourself.


map "mp_mytestmap"

longname "My Test Map"

gametype "dm tdm sd re bel ctf"


[*]Place your newly created arena file in the main/mp folder. Do not place it in the main/maps/mp folder where you maps are. Keep in mind to keep the path mp/my_mytestmap.arena when creating pk3 files for distribution or other players will not be able to see your map in the start server list.[/list]

I hope this helps some ppl out - have at it and make some maps.

Note o­n Gametypes
The supported gametypes for the game are as follows:
  • dm = Deathmatch
  • tdm = Team Deathmatch
  • sd = Search and Destroy
  • re = Retrieval
  • bel = Behind Enemy Lines
  • ctf = Capture the Flag

  • obj = Objective - this is a mod by Hammer
  • rb = Round Based Team Death Match - this is a mod by Hammer
  • 4xtdm = Quad-Team Deathmatch - this is a mod by Hammer

Be sure that your arena file o­nly has the gametypes it supports - it is perfectly all right if there is o­nly 1 gametype in the gametype field, although if there is you should have been a more agressive mapper and mapped for more!!!

Editing Script Files
You can use notepad to do this or another editor that is designed to not put formatting into the document. Do not use MS Word, Word Perfect, Wordpad - these pieces of software will insert hidden formatting characters and you need raw text.
Every o­ne has notepad. If you do a lot of this I recommend a specific piece of software - there is a lite verion of it th! at is free and it allows you to have many script files open and o­nce and has a lot of functionality. Editpad Lite is the name of the program and it is a wonderful tool. I use it daily at home and at work.

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