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Terrain : Patch Meshes
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This tutorial will show you how to create your terrain patch meshes in CoDRadiant.

This tutorial will show you how to create your terrain patch meshes in CoDRadiant.

This is an important feature because upon the release of this editor, there was no other way to create or import your terrain. Easygen couldn't read the texture formats and there was no radiant plugin to do the job.

1. I will begin with a simple brush that is 256 x 256 x 8.

2. We need to turn this brush into a patch mesh. Make sure your new terrain brush is selected and go to the menu for Patch > Simple Terrain Mesh

3. This will prompt a window for the number of divisions to create. For this example we will use the highest number, 15. This is ideal for creating a more detailed terrain like hills and mountains.

4. To get the most out of your mesh, you may need to create several of them and stitch them together. This way you can have a larger terrain surface with alot of divisions.

So, copy your current terrain by hitting the space bar (only once) and aligning that mesh exactly next to the previous o­ne. You want to try and be precise when aligning these meshes or they will look disfigured after they have been stitched together. I have created a block of 4 to work with here.

5. To stitch them together, select all 4 of your meshes and hit the v key to turn on the vertex manipulation mode. Carefully select each vertex you wish to merge which, except for the 4 in the center, will only be 2 at a time. As you can see, when you select the 4 in the center and hit ctrl + k, all those selected are merged.

Continue to merge all the points until you have a single mesh.

6. Now that you have a single mesh, turn off the vertex mode by hitting v again and then hit the y key to bring up the terrain editor. For now, I have adjusted the settings for the editor as such:

  • inner radius: 16
  • outer radius: 64
  • amplitude: 1 (multiplier)
  • Paint Height
  • Allow soft selection o­n unhighlighted patches
  • Only perform soft selection while this dialog is open
  • Height

7. From the 3D window, you will now see a circled area o­n the terrain where ever you place your mouse. By holding the alt + left mouse button and slightly moving the mouse around, you will notice the terrain to start shifting upward.

Continue to adjust the terrain to your liking and you are set.

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