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run artillery on maps
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SOF2 Mapping
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Creating PK3 Files
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Putting all your content into a pk3 file for distribution.
Creating PK3 Files, by gynec

1. Create a folder named 'mp_test' and create within that folder, the folders 'gfx, maps, music, scripts and textures'.

2. Custom-textures must be placed in /base/textures/mytextures/ to show up in the editor
For the package (.pk3), place the custom textures in mp_test/textures/mytextures/
Texture sizes that can be used: 128*128, 256*256, 512*512 or 128*512 (png or jpg)

3. Gametype-pictures must be placed in mp_test/gfx/menus/levelshots/ (read the other tutorial!)

4. Your own music you can place in mp_test/music/mp_test.mp3
In worldspawn add the key: 'music' and value: 'music/mp_test'.
(The song shouldnt be bigger than 1.5MB because of the loading-time.)

5. Put your compiled mp_test.bsp into the maps-folder.

6. Make a new .txt file in mp_test/scripts and write in:
map "mp_test"
longname "My Test Map"
type "dm tdm elim inf ctf"
Rename the .txt to "mp_test.arena"

Additional. for radiant (SOF2SDK) you need your shader's in /base/shaders (gtk creates this folder by itself!) and an entry in the shaderlist.txt so you see the shaders in editor and bsp.

for your pk3 create a folder shaders too.

for effects its the same: /base and pk3 a folder named effects and the .efx inside.

models: folder models/objects/...

the path's you compile must be the same in the pk3!

7. Select all folders in mp_test/, right click and "Add to .zip" with winzip. Rename it to mp_test.pk3

8. Now you can copy it to /base/ and test your map.

You also can use shaders, terrain, sound, effects etc.

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