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CoD Mapping
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CoD Mapping
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SP Animation Finally explained
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Learn how to properly animate entities in the singleplayer game. 

Ok first off lets think of an animation we want for example a full body epic animation from the game. I will choose One From the level Pavlov or the sniper level of call of duty. 

STEP1: Mapping of course. first we will want to add a basic entity to our level. Well i will do an actor so i will choose a Russian actor give him a targetname of whatever you want it doesnt mattter.  

My key value pair was ...  

key: targetname

value: pavlov





STEP2: Scripting.  Now this took me forever to figure out so be patient. The following lines of script below is an example so dont use it.



commissar3 = getent("guy10","targetname");
commissar3.animname = "hangar_soldier1";
trigg6 = getent("trigg6", "targetname");
trigg6 waittill("trigger");
level.nKamarov animscriptsshared::LookAtEntity(level.player, 10, "alert");
commissar3 thread anim_single_solo (commissar3,"fullbody51");


pavlov = getent("pavlov","targetname");

pavlov.animname = "Dude";

pavlov thread anim_single_solo (pavlov,"fullbody51");



Now you may be thinking WTF? but it makes since.  So first off we have called our entity

as seen on the first line. NOW LOOK AT THIS CAREFULLY OR YOU WILL FAIL!!!!


After that we gave him an animation name wich is Dude. Now notice how in the yellow highlighted names are the same this is vital.

Next we see the red highlighted one and this is the animation that he is playing

then we see the green one this is the animation name.

and last but no least the blue line wich is the type of animation he uses


Ok now final example for scripting then we will move on to an actual function.

Our Animation file is seen below. The file is like this. YOURMAPNAME_anim.gsc



level.scr_face["Dude"]["fullbody51"] = (%facial_commissar2_line_51);

level.scrsound["Dude"]["fullbody51"] = ("commissar2_line51");

level.scr_anim["Dude"]["fullbody51"]         = (%shipdeck_soldier_attentionidle);



lets review our colors.


GREEN: Animation name

RED: Animation 

and thats all that applies to this script file

ok thats explanation but check the actual script files in the .pk3 for animation reference premade.




Now For The Actual script URA!!!!

so first take your original map script and add a new function.

thread pavlov();


next add this befor the main function so at the very top





next copy this in






pavlov = getent("pavlov","targetname");//finds the entity we created

pavlov.animname = "Dude";//gives him a name to reference in other script

pavlov thread anim_single_solo (pavlov,"fullbody51");//this is telling him to animate




We are Not done Yet


add this final function but dont call it in the main function so just past it under pavlov();




anim_single_solo (guy, anime, tag, node, tag_entity)


newguy[0] = guy;

maps_anim::anim_single (newguy, anime, tag, node, tag_entity);


now final script file create a new one called whatever your mapname is but with _anim on the end. EX: mymap_anim.gsc

within this script file add all of this 







thread animation();




level.scr_face["Dude"]["fullbody51"] = (%facial_commissar2_line_51);

level.scrsound["Dude"]["fullbody51"] = ("commissar2_line51");

level.scr_anim["Dude"]["fullbody51"] = (%shipdeck_soldier_attentionidle);



This will also require sounds wich i will upload a download for womewhere modsonline is wierd

Otherwise he will stand there like a tard and animate with no sound.


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