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Joachim is going to show you basics of light compiling for CODUO!

Light Compiling


Today I will be showing you an easy way of setting up your tools properly so you can compile your lights. This is both for MP and SP. Before you continue reading this tutorial, if you haven't done it already, please take a look at StrYder's "Setting up the Editor" 1&2 tutorial. It is very important that you do this, Call of Duty UO Compiler uses some of elements (I.E. texture file) as a source. Now, to make this simple for you, I'm going to divide tutorials into steps. This tutorial assumes you have only your Mod tools installed. There are many easy ways to set up lighting, but I think this is the simplest.

Setting up the Editor (1st part)

Setting up the Editor (2nd part)

Step 1

Once you have your Mod tools installed, you will have to follow Stryders tutorials on Setting up the Editor (links are above). When you done that, you can download CODUO Maker from here, and then install it.

Step 2

Create CODUO Maker shortcut on your desktop, and then start it up. This is main window of CODUO Maker. When you are already here, make sure you select "Flare" check box, it is needed for later.

Main window

Now we are going to set up CODUO Maker so you can easly manipulate it and compile your lights. Now, one notification, if you have Call of Duty Game of the Year edition, your CODUO Maker will maybe not find your Call of Duty directory. You can easly check on "Options". Yours should be similar to this. If it is not automaticaly located or you see this not your Call of Duty directory, you will have to browse for it by clicking "Browse" button.


You can see that my "Use UO Flare work around" button is checked. Your is probably unchecked, so check it.

Step 3

Click on button "Create" located near check box. Now this window should appear. CODUO Maker will automaticaly create "game" folder on your C:Program Files drive. Program is going to extract PK3 files from your Call of Dutymain and Call of dutyuo directory to newly created folder "game".

Flare work around

You want to click on button "Start" and proccess will begin with extracting, this may take up few minutes. Once it reaches 100%, "Done" button should appear, so click on it. You can check newly created "game" folder on your C:Program Files drive, or wherever you have installed your CODUO Maker, Mod tools and CODUO game.

Step 4

This is part for compiling. So, once you've done with setting up, you can create test map with some lights here and there few models, walls, skybox, only what is needed for test map. Save your map in Radiant, click on File, Export (.map) but make sure there is "multiplayer" check box checked on Edit, Map properties, "multiplayer" check box, or Radiant is going to export your map file in maps directory instead of mapsmp.

Now in top left corner of main window there are check buttons, CoD; CoDUO and SP;MP. If you are creating MP maps for CODUO as this tutorial assumes, check CoDUO and MP.

Main window

Click on button "Build" located in middle section of main window. New window should appear. Click on button "Start" and BAT file will start creating BSP from MAP file.


Once compile is done, press "Cancel" and main window will open up.

To test your map in game, you can either click "Launch" or start it yourself by dropping down console in game: /devmap yourmapname. Voila! Aren't you happy? :)


Additional information

If you want more detailed lighting, you can tweak your lighting settings by changing preferences at BSP, VIS or FLARE. I would recommend checking "pause" check box at each of those, to read what BAT file wrote, to see if there are any errors with lighting.


At BSP settings you can add Samplesize and Blocksize parameters to text box under check boxes. The less the number, the better the compile but don't go under 6 or it can cause Flare.exe crashes. Blocksize can remain 0.

E.G. -samplesize 6 -blocksize 0


At Vis settings there are no really much settings to change. You can only check "Pause" button if you wish to see for any errors, which I prefer.


Here you can change quite a lot of things. Check "Pause". For test compiles your parameters can be:

E.G. -fast

Note that the more quality you compiling is going to be the more time it will take to compile your map. For more detailed or final compiles you can have:

E.G. -extra -modelshadow -modelalphashadow -sundiffusesamples 16

Final word

There are many great tutorials on this site, so feel free to check them out. I would recommend tutorials considering lights for this matter. If you have any questions or problems with this tutorial you can contact me on my email, xfire, steam or simply by PM.



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