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Compiling a CoD4 Map
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This tutorial will tell you the basic stuff you need to to when you are compiling.

1. Create your map, save it, name it, all that stuff. Create script/gsc files.

2. Compile the BSP, which is the first option on the compile tools.

Now, there are several options. Like fast, nomodelshadows, shadows, etc. Now, if you are just testing, you don't need to waste a whole lot time. Just tick "fast", and "nomodelshadows". Unless you are testing the lighting, then don't thick these.

Make sure you tick "Compile BSP", "Compile Lighting", "Connect Paths", if you have AI in your map.

3. Then click on "Compile Reflections". Make sure you have reflection probes and light grids.

4. Now, this is the important part. Click on "Build Fast File". This creates a .FF file. This is what the game needs to play.

Then update the Zone file, if you know what you are adding or else just go to the next step.

5. Go to the applications tab and click on "Run Converter". This is vital. This will make all your vehicles work in game. Other assets will be able to work as well. Run this!

6. Run your map. Before you do this, tick "Enable Developers" and Developer Script". So whatever assets are not in the map, the game will tell you what you are missing.

7. Have fun!

8. Now, whatever is missing, click on "Update Zone File" and select everything that is missing on the left box. Cut or copy and paste into the right box.

9. Build the fast file again.

10. Run the map!

Now, repeat the step except step 5 unless you have new assets.

If your map is finalized, then make sure you untick the "fast" or "Nomodelshadows" if they are already ticked. Then your map will have a full compile.

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