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Making Your Own Textures
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An incredibly easy way to make your own textures and have them appear on Radiant. No PakScape, WinRar or scripting required! Made by 3rdinfdiv.

Okay, so if you've ever been on custom servers (which I'm sure you have) you'll see that they might have their logos or different textures in custom maps. Well, if you're making your own map, this very much adds your personal "flavor" to it. All you need are:

1. Images (.bmp, .jpg, etc. Any file type)

2. Your Call of Duty "Main" Folder

3. Like 10 minutes


Step 1: Find the images you want as textures

Okay, this step has got to be the easiest. Find the images you want as your textures and save them to your pictures. Anywhere you want, you will be making new folders for them anyway. What you name them is what they will show up as in Radiant, so it's nicer to have "Clan Logo" than DSC_015. But it has no effect on the actual working of this process.

Step 2: Make your folders in Pictures

First, in your Pictures (When I say "Pictures" I mean wherever you put your images on your computer. Like the Images or Pictures location), create a folder named Textures. And then, inside of that folder, create different folder(s) for your images. These folders will show up in the drop-down menu in Textures on Radiant. For example, if you made the name "Clan Stuff", that selection would show up with "common" "normandy" "belguim", blah blah blah. So you can make as many folders as you like within Textures. Copy and Paste your images into the folders. Make sure you don't have empty folders though!

Step 3: Move the Folder

Finally, you are going to move (via Copy + Paste) your Textures folder into your main (.../call of duty/main) folder. So you should see your folder next to all the other folders and pk3 files.

Start up Radiant and enjoy!


If this tutorial did not work or you had any error with the steps, please feel free to contact me via the forums.

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