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Web Tool for Adding Custom HQ Radios
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A Web Tool for Adding Custom Radios to the Headquarters Gametype for Call of Duty United Offensive.
Link: HQ Radio Placement Web Tool

This link will take you to my modding website which contains a tool that will make adding custom HQ radios a snap.  I made this tool along time ago but only recently adapted it for use on the web. Someone recently expressed an interest in adding HQs so I figured what the hell and put it up.

 To add new radios simply start up the map you wish to mod and the put your game into non-fullscreen mode. Open the web tool using your internet browser and keep it behind the running gam.

Back in the game when you are standing in a spot where you would like to place a radio open your console and enter the command "viewpos."

 Viewpos returns you information about your position in three dimensions as well as your orientation.  When you open the console in the game the cursor becomes avaliable for use in windows too.  just click on the browser window and then enter the viewpos data into the appropriate form field. When ready click submit.

 Make sure you enter the name of the map before creating your first radio.

 The viewpos informaion returns your position as 60 units above the ground.  This is the level at which your eyes are hovering.  The web tool will automatically make the correction to that the radio spawns on the ground so there is no need to make any adjustments on your own.

 When you have entered all your custom radios then just copy paste the script that appears to the right of the page.  This script should be added to the maps/mp/mp_namename.gsc file.

 IMPORTANT!!!  Do not alter the original map pk3!!!  If you do this then there will be great problems with unpure mp3 violations. 

You must create a new pk3 and name it zzz_svr_mycustomHQ.pk3

 By adding "_svr_"  to the name it will let the server know that it should not be downloaded to the client.  It will remain only on the server.

 Create this file structure in the pk3


 For each map that you add HQs too you must get the maps original  maps/mp/mp_namename.gsc and add your information to it and put it in your zzz_svr_mycustomHQ.pk3.

 Again, dont add your custom hqs to the original map because people wont be able to connect to your server if they alread have that map.  Only add the altered mp_namename.gsc to the zzz_svr_mycustomHQ.pk3.

  Thats pretty much it.

Most mappers do not add enough radios and often they are poorly placed.  use your custom radios to bring players into areas of the map that are usually never played in.  Custom HQs are also a great way to create interesting tactical situations.



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