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CoDUO Mapping
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Auto Compiling Maps with batch files
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Download Included.

 Quick and Easy Compiling of your maps


- brought to you by Noire_Brute_Force(GER)


 1:  Download this File! 



 2:  Edit the first 4 Parts I Marked Red in the Image.

     mapname  The Name of your map

     rootpath    The Installation Path of COD, Like this

                     "D:Program FilesCall of Duty"

     gamepath  The path to your Compiling Game folder uo/maps/mp/, like this.

                     "D:Program Filesgameuomapsmp"

     MapPath    Path to your map in the root, like this


     CoDUO_Tools_path  The Path to the COd Tools, like this

                      "D:Program FilesCall of DutyCoDUO_Toolsin"                      


 3: Now Just Start the .bat(batch file) And Choose a option from 1 - 4 and 

     press enter.

    1: Starts the allready compiled ".bsp" in vis mode good for Portaling.

    2: Starts the allready compiled ".bsp" in Normal mode to test it.

    3: Compiles your map, u can see everything in the cmd window.

    4: Compiles your map and creates a Log file of everything.

        "Yourmapname_xlog.txt". U Cant see anything in the cmd window

        Dont STOP it, it will tell you when its finished. Takes as long it takes

        to compile it normaly but for a Log file, u cant see running text   





I Think there is no better way to do this :)

 Greetz NBF!

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