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Shootable Pipes
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vT-Ownage shows you in a few easy steps how to make shootable pipes, that create water or fire effects when shot.


This tutorial will teach you very simply how to make shootable pipes, that will create an fx when shot.                                                                    -------------------------------------------------------------------

1.) Build a pipe that you want to be able to shot, it can be anysize and can also be bended.

2.) Now that you have your pipe made, select it and right-click in the 2-D grid, go to script and select brushmodel.

3.) Select your pipe and press n , and now give it a this key and value below.

Key: targetname    Value: pipe_1 (Note: This step is optional and just makes the pipe easier to select through search and find object tool.)

4.) Now you have to choose what kind of fx you want to come out of the pipe when shot; steam, water, or fire. When you choose give it these keys and values.

Key: script_noteworthy    Value: (steam, water, or fire) without parenthesis.

Thats all, now go have fun in radiant.


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