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Adding Models
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I will be showing you how to insert the model models/objects/finca/lamps/lightbulb1.md3 into a map.
In-Game Model Placement

This tutorial assumes that you are somewhat familiar with the version of Radiant that came with SOF2. I will be showing you how to insert the model models/objects/finca/lamps/lightbulb1.md3 into a map. I have created a test map before hand in order to speed things along. You may use any map that you have already in progress or just create a room with a player spawn point in it and some light.

Some things you should have prepared before beginning this tutorial:
  • Radiant for SOF2 should be installed and you should be roughly familiar with it.
  • A map or test room should be created before we start.
  • Be sure that you have already extracted the C:Program FilesSoldier of Fortune II - Double Helixbasemodels.pak3 to the base folder of C:SOF2SDKbase.

1. I have opened testroom.map to illustrate this tutorial. It is a simple room with an info_player_deathmatch and 2 lights.

2. RMB (right mouse button) the grid area of you map where you wish to place your model and select from the list of entities that pops up misc_model. When you do that, the entity editor will pop up and behind that window a windows explorer window will pop up. Move the windows explorer window somewhere that you can read and use it (since it usually pops up where you don't even see it). Then open the model c:/SOF2SDK/base/models/objects/finca/lamps/lightbulb1.md3. This models path will be automatically inserted into your list of fields and values for that entity.

3. The problem, at this point, is that the path is not quite correct. You need to edit the path in the editor from c:/SOF2SDK/base/models/objects/finca/lamps/lightbulb1.md3 to equal models/objects/finca/lamps/lightbulb1.md3. You now have a model in your map.

4. You will now want to move the model to the proper location in your map. I moved it into the corner of the map above a light entity that I already had entered in the map.

Addition: Most of the models that come with the game don't bounce off the bullets and knives thrown thrown at them and don't block the player from being able to walk through them. To fix this:
  • deselect all brushes and faces.
  • open the tools textures and select the _shoot_metal texture (_shot_clip is visible in the game).
  • create a brush around the model in the editor.
Now, everything will reflect off the _shoot_metal brush and appear to be bouncing off the model in the game.

5. Finally, save your map and close radiant. Re-open radiant and re-open your map. You should now be able to actually see the model in your map. The reload process makes it show up. You can make any final adjustments to their location as you see fit.

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