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Adding Portals to your sp/mp map
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In this tutorial i am going to show you how to add portals to your single or multiplayer map.

Ok to begin Portals are used in Doorways windows and any openings that someone can see through they are used so your computer will not have to render all the textures and models that is in your map.

1: Have a House or wall

like in the picture below and put a brush covered with the "portal" texture which can be found under textures>usage>tools:


2: Now on the inside hold Ctrl+Shift and click on the inside i think it does not matter if u but a portal or a Portal no Draw put i would put a Portal No Draw(just look in the picture lol)




3: PS the complier does not like it when the portals touch other object.


This tutorial is for Call of duty 4 and Call of Duty World At War

Happy Mapping, ;D Pain


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