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AI Dogs Setup Tutorial
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Getting Dogs into the SP game, with source files.

-- --

This tutorial is divided into several steps, you must follow each step correctly and in this order! Read first, then read again and work along to it.

If you are adding dogs to your own map, please test your map first to make sure it works and there are NO errors.

How to make your map


Click "create map" (sp map) in the compiler and then proceed with the default template map.

When choosing a name, choose "MAPNAME" to start with, as then you won't need to rename anything.

(when your map is working then go about renaming all files)

Source Files


Download and open the DogSource.rar (open with winrar)

DogSource.rar Download (http://www.modsonline.com/Downloads-full-4835.html)


The readme inside gives extraction location for the 3 Folders.

  It is at this point that you can extract the "map_source" folder, it contains and already built MAPNAME.map file. If you use this you can skip step1.

  !!Included is a playable map in the usermaps folder. Extract per instruction in the readme and test to see what the finished product is like!!

 Nothing will work unless you download and extract the source properly as per the readme in the rar file.

STEP 1// Radiant Setup


You will need an info_player_start from right clicking the 2d grid and selecting info>player>start

In your map we'll need a dog actor.

Right click the 2d grid and select "actor" > "enemy_dog". Place the dog a few units off the ground and not touching anything.

Next place some path_nodes (right click 2d grid node>pathnode). Place these above the ground (floating a few units in the air is best) and again not touching anything.

Note:: They can be 128 units apart from each other and should be placed everywhere the player can go/you want your dogs to go.


//Skip this bit if you want (you don't need to do this for a test)

Extra - Dog Spawners

Spawning: If you would like to make your dog a spawner so that it spawns from a trigger activation then do the following:

Select the dog, press "N" and tick "spawner" (also tick "forcespawn", "un-deletable", depending on your needs)

Now make a trigger (usually made from the texture "trigger" located under the texture tab: Usage>tools>trigger.

Make that trigger a 'trigger_multiple'.

Right click the 2d grid with the trigger already selected and select 'trigger>trigger_multiple'.

With the trigger sill selected press "N" then tick "trigger_spawn". and use the key/values of "count" "10" (spawns the dog '10' times, any value up to '9999' which is infinite is allowed)

Now join the trigger to the dog with W.

Select the trigger, THEN select the dog, hit "W" a line will connect them. Press Esc to deselect.




Step 2 // Scripts

Save your map. Close Radiant.

Your map name is very important for the rest of the tutorial, best to keep it simple, I will be using "MAPNAME" in all cases, so that you can (in most text programs) use a find/replace tool to replace that word with your maps actual name.

Here we will be using some scripts from the source download.

If you have extracted the source files properly then in the directory:

C:|Program Files|Activision|Call of Duty - World At War|raw|maps

You will have:





Remember to change "MAPNAME" to your maps actual name in all instances. Only the contents of 'mapname.gsc' needs to be changed out of these ones as several lines have 'mapname' associated. (unless ofcourse your level name is actually called 'mapname')


Dog Animations:

You should have:



And inside you should now have 8 new dog scripts, ok?

(don't alter the names of these scripts or alter their contents)

Step 3 // Sounds


The dogs won't bark unless you include a sound alias. I have created one for you:

There should be a dog.csv in the location (providing the source files were extracted properly):


C:|Program Files|Activision|Call of Duty - World at War|raw|soundaliases


After placing it, open it up and replace all references to "MAPNAME" with your maps actual name (there's quite a few).

// No way around this Using the FastFile Extractor (from [url=http://www.modsonline.com/Downloads-full-4786.html]Here[/url])


// Follow the decompiler Instructions that come with it.

Extract sounds from the "dog_test.ff" in "usermaps" (located in the install directory) (the decompiler will throw out the sound/sfx/dog folders)


Place the extracted Dog folder in the dir:

  C:|Program File|Activision|Call of Duty - World at War|raw|sound|SFX|character| If you extracted from the FF some sounds might not sound as 'crisp' as they should.


//OK? move on..


Step 4 // Adding to the Zone_source


Now check your MAPNAME.csv inside the zone_source folder in the install dir.


Rename the file and the 'MAPNAME' lines inside to your maps name.




Load the game from the SP icon (don't use launcher) and select "mods" luanch the usermaps mod. When the game restarts type in the console:


Replacing mapname with whatever name you chose throughout this tutorial.

---- END ----


Dogs Jumping: Dogs will use the wall_hop traverse prefab from radiant. No others have been tested.


C:|Program Files|Activision|Call of Duty - World at War


The above is the default directory used throughout the tutorial, please make sure of your actual directory when moving files. (used "|" instead of "" as it conflicted with the web coding)

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