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Basic Terrain Editing
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Do you want a structural method on a plain but easy and entertaining terrain one? Yeah? pay attention to the undermentioned ones well then!


This simple tutorial gives an easy method to create, interesting and entertaining terrain. Pay attention to the highlighted areas!

Well, I show u...

Step 1 : Open the Laucher->Radiant. Create New map.

Step 2 : Textures -  Usage  - Ground. and create a new brush! :P (not big and not small )- Remember you can always add more than one area of terrain, to increase the playable area.

[***WARNING***]In bigger maps you need large areas of terrain to walk over, don't make your map too big or it will not be playable with only a few people(The Seelow Effect)

Step 3 : Patch - Simple Terrain Patch... - Width: Any amount | Height : Any amount | 

***The next Step's are very important for this tutorial!***

Step 4 : In The radiant we see many icons, but u need this:  "Show Patches as wireframes , ok. Click that twice when you find it.

Step 5 : Press "Y" and click this options:

-  Paint Height.

-  Allow soft selection on unselected patches.

-  Only perform soft selection while this dialog is open.

-  Height

Ready? Well.


Step 6 : Pull the cursor the "3D" into a window and push alt+left mouse button raise terrain. (lower terrain by pressing alt + right button)

Successful? r[E]spEEEct for you!^^


This the tutorial Hungarians it was done!

Ezt a tutorialt Magyarok csinálták!

Hungary is a small country in midle of Europe.

Created by Toxic

Készítette : Toxic


 Xfire : sbarna1995

Email : dirty1208@citromail.hu

Wicked tutorial, added a little more english to the equation, hope you don't mind. - Anabaric


Thanks to:



-My Radiant


-My Mother & Father

-My Pc


-Asus,Intel,Kingmax,nVidia, LG, XD

and... http://www.lolcats.com/     XD





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