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Adding Static Models into your map - Team fortress 2 Version
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In this tutorial i am going to show you how to add static models into your map. This is almost the same in the Hl2 version of hammer

So we want to add some static models into the map. static models are models that do not move or have no animation, think of them as props in your map. If you know hammer from Half life 2 then this we be very familiar to you. First we need to add a prop static entity into the map. to do this click the entity tool on the left hand side of the screen ( or press shift e)

Can't find it?, it looks like this  addmodeltut1_59

using the 2d windows left click in the place you wish to place the model into the map. It doesn't have to be right on the correct place as you will be able to move it later


 Next go down to the bottom right of the screen, using the drop down menu's select entities under the categories heading and prop_static under the object heading. Go back to one of the 2d windows and place your mouse near the green square and press the enter key. A red box should appear.



click the select tool on the right hand side of the screen (or press shift + S)

double click the red box to open up its properties. click in the heading world model then click browse


in the window that pops up type in the filter box whatever it is the you are looking for. For the tutorial I will use a table. Select the one you want a click OK then on the previous screen click apply.


finally using the selection tool, move your model into place


Well that's it for this tutorial I hope this helps, if you need any extra help search then post in the forums



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