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Bending a Pipe- Patch Bends
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|DA|DarkDilber with a quick walkthrough for patch bends.
1: Create a brush - however thick you want the pipe to be, but make it a power of 2 just to make things easy, and set the grid to half your pipes diameter - so If your pipe is 16units in diameter, set the grid to 8
2: Click on "Patch", on the menu at the top, and choose "Cynlinder"
3: Change views to a side view, and with the cylinder selected press V - this will show each vertex

1: This is where you start moving vertices. Look at the picture below
2: Draw a selection box over the top-center vertex of your mesh. This will select all the vertices that are behind too
3: Hold down Alt (not needed, but makes grapping easier), and move these vertices one grid right and one grid up. Because my cylinder is 128 wide, I moved these vertices 64 right and 64 up
4: Repeat the above with the top left vertices, but moving them two grids right and two grids up

1: And again for the rest. Select the central vertices, and move them one grid up.
2: Select the central-left vertices and move them two grids up

1: Last part now. Select the, what once were, top left, top center and top right vertices - all at once (can do it one at a time, but they're all moving in the same direction), and move them one grid right and one grid down
2: There you have it, a perfect bend - or as perfect as this 3 point curves will allow

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